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Rates rising….and great event for Landlords

You can’t have missed the increasing press column inches regarding a possible Bank Base Rate rise recently.  Sometimes I do think we talk the market in to a direction rather than letting it take its natural path!  History suggests that we tend to see the fixed rates rise first, before the bank base itself.  Over […]

The Mortgage market is vibrant!

Having written this column every week since early 2009, a lot of people ask me “how do you know what to write each week, it must be difficult?” But actually, there’s so much going on, I could easily fill more than my 350 word column consistently.  The mortgage market is vibrant with both activity and […]

Home owning cheaper than renting

Some eye watering statistics from The Money Charity this week.  The Charity has reported that total mortgage lending stood at £1.35 trillion at the end of September.  This is up from £1.275 trillion in 2015.  Averaged over the 11.1m households with a mortgage equates to £118,693 in September. The average interest rate was 2.74% and […]

They say no base rate move in 2016. Now, use a broker!

As mentioned in one of my earlier columns, I could not envisage a rate rise for some time and, at the earliest the end of 2016, start of 2017.  This has now also been stated by the Bank of England who suggest that there will be no movement in base rate for the whole of 2016.  […]

Positive movements from lenders..

Lenders have been actively looking at their offerings this week and loosening their criteria, positively.  As I have said before, I think in the run up to the end of the year, we will see a number of attractive deals launched by lenders who want to build up their pipelines ahead of, what will be, […]

Rates to rise towards the end of the year?

The Governor of the Bank of England announced last week that interest rates are to raise, probably at the end of this year or early next.  Although though this is no surprise and it is quite likely that we have all been tentatively expecting this announcement for some considerable time now, very few industry pundits […]

Stamp Duty changes are a good thing.

There’s really only one place to start this weeks column and that’s with the superb news released by the Chancellor in regard to changes to Stamp Duty. With effect from Thursday 4th December, stamp duty will be applied as a progressive tax.  Buyers will pay no tax up to the first £125,000, they will be […]

Budget planning – essential to obtaining mortgage finance.

The Chancellor has recently given the Bank of England new powers to restrict Loan to Incomes and also Loan to Values.  In short, we’ve seen income multiples restricted for loans over £500k recently by a couple of lenders , to a maximum of four x income.  But the BoE now has powers to force lenders to do this.  If […]

Rumours are rife on a Bank Base Rate increase soon.

Following on from the Bank of England Governor’s recent comments on a Sunday TV programme, and in fact some time beforehand, the rumour mills are rife trying to guess when we will see a Bank of England base rate rise.  The economy is so buoyant that it needs a little slowing down, apparently!  I was […]

Funding Christmas is not for life! Are rates to go up sooner than expected?

Christmas lights are up, Christmas trees are up, Christmas adverts are on the TV and Christmas songs are being played in the shops.  Christmas really has come early this year.  I’m not a total bah humbug but just remember that if you intend to fund Christmas on credit, it will have to be repaid at […]