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Coming to the end of your mortgage life?

When coming to the end of the mortgage term with your lender, it’s rare to be offered any additional products to stay with them as you are ending the mortgage contract (normally 25 years or more).  They also fail to advise you to seek further advice about re-mortgaging to another provider.  Despite ages possibly having […]

Smaller lenders launching innovative products

A quick test to start this week!  Have you heard of the Dudley Building Society?  What about the Buckinghamshire, Harpenden, Marsden, NationalCounties, or Newbury BuildingSocieties?  Not necessarily household names, but not ones to be ignored either.  We are seeing these names and a lot more like them launching innovative products.  Not necessarily looking for huge volumes, but looking to […]

Parental support might help achieve your dream home

Horsham is a popular location and as a result scores highly in the property price stakes. That said there are many ‘would be’ homebuyers with an appetite more expansive than their budget and this can be a deal breaker if income and deposits do not meet lender criteria. This is where parental support can help. […]

Active lenders are not just a household name or brand!

I might even be bold enough to start this week’s column by saying the market has turned a huge corner and is on a substantial climb out of the doldrums!  Wow, what a week it has been.  Competition is rife amongst all lenders, from well known high street names; right through to lenders you’ve never […]

Try to not give lenders any excuses to decline your application

Getting a mortgage application through a lender in the current climate can be challenging.  One day it appears relatively easy, yet the next, it’s a nightmare!  So whatever you do, try to not give lenders any excuses to decline your application or refuse to lend to you.  Try to pay bills on time, don’t miss […]

The return of Exclusive mortgage products!

Lenders are returning to the market! Hooray! Importantly, they are also providing exclusive products again. AToM has an exclusive 2 year fixed product at 3.35% (5.2%APR) up to 75% of the value of the property for both purchase and remortgage. We have £5m to allocate, so if this is of interest, please contact us for […]