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Looking at a property project? Refurb to Let…

Looking for a property project?  Just because a property is run down or even classed as ‘uninhabitable’, does not mean you cannot get a mortgage on it.  Or, if you are intending to purchase a property to let out, but it’s currently in an ‘unlettable’ condition.  Lenders will cater for these scenarios (dependant on the […]

Complex scenarios are common in the mortgage market.

The high street lenders tend to only deal with pretty straight forward scenarios.  So, you will need to fit their standard credit score requirements, meet their standard income multiples and, in the main, simply be easy to deal with.  However, we all know that not everyone fits this ‘ideal client’ picture. Complex scenarios are on […]

The maximum loan achievable on a Buy to Let is a complex calculation.

AToM exhibited at the Property Investor and Homebuyers show at the London ExCel last weekend.  It was a great opportunity to talk to professional landlords, as well as those looking to make their first steps in to the buy to let sector.  With many changes and increases in taxation on profits being introduced over the […]

New rules for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Concentrating on Buy to Lets this week as yet more changes are on the horizon!  With effect from 1st October 2018, new mandatory rules will be applicable to Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO).  Any property with five or more occupants (not all related) will now need an HMO licence, as the Licensing of Houses in […]

Flat market predicted for 2018. although Technology will play a big part. Have a great Christmas!

So, as I pen my last column of the year, I reflect on a year that has had many ups and also many downs.  We can’t ignore the current housing shortage or the severe lack of help to first time buyers, even allowing for the recent stamp duty changes.  On the upside, and despite the […]

AToM – Best Buy to Let Distributor for HMOs 2017!

There are many awards issued throughout the year in various industries.  Some you are nominated for.  Some you can voted for yourself.  Others are awarded to celebrate the volume and quality of the business you produce.  Thankfully, the latter applies to the latest award that AToM has just received.   At a lavish awards ceremony held […]

HMOs, Ltd Company Buy to Lets and Credit scoring!

There have been a number of competitive launches this week in the Buy to Let sector.  Especially for those buying a House of Multiple Occupation, or in a limited company name. The more noticeable includes the launch of new products from our friends at Precise Mortgages, designed to assist those looking to purchase investment properties […]

New Buy to Let with just 15% deposit requirement is launched!

A second Buy to Let with only a 15% deposit requirement has been launched into the Market.  Exclusively through just three distributors in the UK (inc AToM!), BlueZest is a new lender to market and has some superb products. These products are part of a broader range that allow landlords and developers to do refurbishments, […]

Remortgage to renovate rather than move? Or Buy to Let?

There have been a number of remortgage applications recently for those looking to raise funds to purchase other properties or to make improvements to their current homes.  Just around the local area, I have seen an amazing amount of building work and renovations / extensions being carried out.  Many home owners appear to be improving […]

Technology in the mortgage process and changes for portfolio landlords.

The mortgage press is starting to increase their commentary on the ever growing importance of technology proving itself in the mortgage sector. This includes recent adverts suggesting that a computer algorithm will ‘fix’ the mortgage market and choose the right product for you!  In time, this might become a reality!  However, given that the mortgage is […]