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Complex scenarios are common in the mortgage market.

The high street lenders tend to only deal with pretty straight forward scenarios.  So, you will need to fit their standard credit score requirements, meet their standard income multiples and, in the main, simply be easy to deal with.  However, we all know that not everyone fits this ‘ideal client’ picture. Complex scenarios are on […]

Buy to Lets and long term fixeds!

Long term fixed rates are currently very popular across the mortgage range as customers look to fix monthly budgets for the coming years.   These rates are attractive across the residential sector, but there have not been many long term fixeds in the Buy to Let mortgage arena.  So it is with open arms that a […]

Much has changed since 2007…

Someone said to me this week its five years since Northern Rock crashed the ‘mortgage boom’ party and to be honest, I did ponder on where those years have gone!  Much has changed since 07 and lenders now appear to be run by their credit risk personnel, who in turn report to the Financial Services […]

The computer can still say ‘no’

The Bank of England held the base rate for another month and we all breathed a small sigh of relief as some industry pundits had suggested that a reduction may occur.   Obviously it would be good for the consumer, but not so good for keeping the funds moving around the marketplace.   As it is, many […]

All Types of Mortgages….for all types of people!

May was a truly great month for new business with AToM recording our best month for actual new applications received, since October 2009.  However, for all the jubilations this may bring, it’s probably been the toughest month for actually getting cases through to offer via the lenders.  For example, one high street named super giant […]

Complex Mortgages are not frowned upon these days!

Some while ago, I mentioned that AToM had re-launched its ‘Complex Prime’ proposition. Complex Prime looks at mortgage applications which, for whatever reason, do not fit the normal high street credit scoring/tick box mentality or need something of a more complex underwriting nature. A recent example we came across was a young chap at the […]

Why am I being declined a mortgage?

So! You have no credit problems: you have a good income: no debts and you are looking to buy a property or maybe remortgage. But then, your bank, with whom you’ve been a loyal customer to for many years, reports back that you have a low credit score and the computer says “no”. They will […]

Rates down and Lenders are attractive!

Two weeks into the working year and the mortgage market is looking incredibly positive! Many lenders, including Abbey, Chelsea, Coventry, Halifax and Nationwide have reduced their fixed rates recently. Others have increased the amount you can borrow against the value of the property and another lender has launched an 80% tracker rate with no redemption […]

Are you invisible to Financial Institutions?

30/10/09 – When applying for finance, if you don’t appear on the electoral roll or don’t have any credit, some lenders may consider that you don’t exist financially! This has been the bain of our lives over the past few months! In current climates, it seems that lenders only need to find the smallest of […]