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Delays, low rates and AToM at the Property Investor & Homebuyer Show

Delays, delays, delays!  With so many lenders dropping rates to all time lows, it was inevitable that their back end would not be able to cope with front ends sales!  We are finding a number of lenders are often taking one to two weeks to turn things around.  A few are much longer and we […]

You will be asked to prove you have finance in place.

When buying a property, one of the most important things an estate agent will require is proof that you can actually afford to purchase the property. Usually this evidence is required early in the process and it can be via any legitimate source (ie it DOES NOT have to come from the agents internal mortgage […]

Credit Scoring – most lenders do it!

I haven’t mentioned it for a while, but it certainly is causing a lot of customers an issue.  Credit scoring!  This is an assessment on all available financial information and calculates a ‘score’ for the lender.  It also includes a search on your overall credit history covering, in the main, all of your financial transactions […]

Volumes have been increasing but the World Cup may slow it down..

Signs that the market is still not fully on the road to recovery have been reaffirmed this week as both Northern Rock and NatWest Intermediary Solutions reported that circa 600 jobs are to go. The cut backs are further proof that although positive signs have been outweighing the negatives recently, we cannot overlook the underlying […]