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Coming to the end of the mortgage product term. What next?

We’re seeing some issues for those coming up to the end of their product promotional rate period, especially where the lender is not offering them anything attractive to stay.  Lenders want to lend, but in some cases are not able to, or may choose not to, even to existing customers.   The simple reason being that the […]

Too much information online can be confusing!

As rates continue to reduce, competition has moved at a pace on the high street.  Most of these lenders can offer attractive low rates with free valuations and free legal costs on remortgages.  This is great if you fit the lender’s mould and meet their requirements.  However, if you don’t meet their requirements or if […]

Positive news for the Self Employed and also Ex-Pats!

The self employed have had a good week on the mortgage side.  Specialist lender, Precise Mortgages has changed criteria and will now allow customers to use just last years accounting figures as income for a mortgage.  Previously the lender, and most lenders, would look at two or three years figures and average over the period.  […]

Fitting criteria is the key to unlocking lenders appetite

Lenders want to lend, but in some cases are not able to, even to existing customers!  Those who already have a mortgage, but took out their original loan before April 2014 (Mortgage market Review!) may not pass the same lenders new criteria.  Reasons can include, original borrowing on a multiple of income, age, small equity levels in property. Lending rules have changed dramatically and more […]

The market is seeing a ‘rate price war’!

It’s always good to see a lender reduce their rates.  Over the past few days, a number of lenders have taken action and cut a number of rate offerings.  Some examples include Accord Mortgages who reduced some rates on selected fixed rates by up to 0.40%, Woolwich sliced a life time tracker rate by a […]