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Great products, but processing delays across the market

Supermarket giant Tesco has launched it’s mortgage proposition into the intermediary sector this week.  With some very attractive tracker rates, two and five year fixed rates, I can see Tesco Bank being a popular choice in the coming months and years.  And not one mention of a club card!  Coventry Building Society has launched a […]

Nearly 8,000 mortgages products now on offer.

There are now nearly 8,000 mortgage products on offer.  This is a substantial increase from the same time last year and gives a good indication that lenders are actively looking to assist clients with product choice.  The majority of those visiting AToM are looking for a longer term fixed rate, although some are still happy […]

Confused by the internet “information”? …..we can help!

Considering it was a ‘holiday month’ August was a flurry of activity and caught many of us out and this was a very pleasant and great surprise!  Of those approaching AToM, many were seeking straight forward simple human assistance having become confused by the huge amount of information currently available on the internet.  The majority […]

Buy to Lets are right for some and a good investment, over time

Buying a property for investment purposes is usually termed as a ‘Buy to Let’.  The property is normally let out on a six month assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement.  This is a very active market and many mortgage lenders offer buy to let mortgages to both experienced landlords as well as first timers.   One such […]

Low rates, high fees?

The old saying goes ‘don’t believe everything you read’ (apart from this column of course!).  There’s a lot of very good marketing and PR taking place in the mortgage market as lenders try to increase business volumes and attract new customers in the last quarter of the year.  But are things as the headline suggests? […]

Much has changed since 2007…

Someone said to me this week its five years since Northern Rock crashed the ‘mortgage boom’ party and to be honest, I did ponder on where those years have gone!  Much has changed since 07 and lenders now appear to be run by their credit risk personnel, who in turn report to the Financial Services […]

Competition is a good thing for the end consumer

As the world’s eyes are diverted from the on-going banking and financial issues and redirected to the biggest sporting event in the world, it makes you wonder how much business will be lost due to people sneaking off and watching the Olympics!  I’m sure I’m overdue a sick day or two!  Competition is also taking […]

Never a dull week in the Mortgage Market!

Never a dull week in the mortgage market!  I was at a presentation from a major lender late last week and who predicted Bank Base Rate won’t move for a good couple of years, but also advised us to ignore their predictions as they have been far from right over the last 3 to 4 […]

Really exciting mortgage products!

Some really exciting new mortgage products have been launched over the last week. You could even go as far to say the lenders are pretty confident that rates are not going to be fluctuating any time soon. One article I saw had a spokesperson from suggesting the likelihood of Bank Base Rate being cut […]

New mortgage business up 83%

The Bank of England has reported that mortgage lending in December dropped to the lowest level in two years and Nationwide has reported house prices dropped by 0.1% in January, the first fall recorded by the lender since Aug 2009. Neither of these articles is worth further comment though as there are many positives to […]