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Have you been offered a ‘Product Transfer’?

I am looking at two main categories for this week’s column.  First off, it’s product transfers.  These are the options the lender will give you to stay with them.  So, you’ve been with your current lender through the term of your deal – normally a two year tracker ends after twenty four months, or your […]

Are you ready for Open Banking?

Open banking seems to be the buzz phrase of the moment as the world of technology impacts the way our spending habits are analysed.  In short, you will soon be able to give permission to your Bank or Building Society, to release all details of your bank account transactions to any regulated business.  This can […]

AToM awarded ‘Best Residential Mortgage Packager’ 2016!

I am delighted to commence this week’s column with the fantastic news that AToM has received a national mortgage lender award!  We have been awarded ‘Best Residential Mortgage Packager’ by the lender Precise Mortgages, for the fifth year in a row!  It’s rare for lenders to issue awards, so this is really special and great […]

Too much information online can be confusing!

As rates continue to reduce, competition has moved at a pace on the high street.  Most of these lenders can offer attractive low rates with free valuations and free legal costs on remortgages.  This is great if you fit the lender’s mould and meet their requirements.  However, if you don’t meet their requirements or if […]

Increased competition in the 95% LTV market for First Time Buyers

We’ve seen another week of market movement and increased competition as lenders lower rates and loosen criteria.  There is a lot more positive activity from the lenders, however we are also seeing an increase in service times and underwriting responses resulting from increased volumes.  A few are even reporting backlogs of over a week just […]

Low rates, high fees?

The old saying goes ‘don’t believe everything you read’ (apart from this column of course!).  There’s a lot of very good marketing and PR taking place in the mortgage market as lenders try to increase business volumes and attract new customers in the last quarter of the year.  But are things as the headline suggests? […]

Interest Only takes another blow

Over the last few months I’ve mentioned Interest Only quite a bit.  Interest Only is one option to pay your mortgage, but it does exactly as it says, you only pay the interest on the loan.  So at the end of the term, say 25 years, you still owe exactly what you started with.   Normally […]