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Confidence growing as house prices rise

There may be a lot of green shoots and positive signs that consumer confidence is returning in the wider marketplace, but there are still some worrying signs that we’re still not yet out of the woods in the financial sector.  One rather alarming example is the recent issue at the Co-Operative Bank.   The Co-Op group […]

New lender launches whilst others restrict lending

I start this week with both good news and bad. The good news is that the mortgage market is really buoyant with business volumes running high. The bad news is that this is causing a number of lenders major servicing problems as they do not have the staff to handle application numbers. This was evidenced […]

Consumer confidence appears to be high!

If you read the national press, the ‘funding for lending’ scheme appears to be under some scrutiny.  In short, the scheme was designed to provide relatively cheap funding from the Bank of England to a number of lenders as long as they maintained or increased their net lending on mortgages (or business loans).  However, recent […]

Increased competition in the 95% LTV market for First Time Buyers

We’ve seen another week of market movement and increased competition as lenders lower rates and loosen criteria.  There is a lot more positive activity from the lenders, however we are also seeing an increase in service times and underwriting responses resulting from increased volumes.  A few are even reporting backlogs of over a week just […]

Competition is a good thing for the end consumer

As the world’s eyes are diverted from the on-going banking and financial issues and redirected to the biggest sporting event in the world, it makes you wonder how much business will be lost due to people sneaking off and watching the Olympics!  I’m sure I’m overdue a sick day or two!  Competition is also taking […]

House prices increase as Remo market ‘well and truly open’!

According to a recent poll by Safestore Moving and Improving Index, a massive 50% of tenants believe they won’t own a property at any stage in their lifetime.  Its recent poll, which quizzed 2,058 adults, found that 42% of people wanting to get on the property ladder think that their best hope of being able […]

House prices up 2.2%! Positive news!

The Halifax House Price Index suggests that house prices increased 2.2% in March. They reportthat the average house price now sits at £163,803. A spokesperson commented that the end of the Stamp Duty holiday period for First Time Buyers at the end of March probably helpedto increase sales and support prices. A mortgage is the […]

Mortgage ‘prisoners’ need protection

I’m really trying to move on from the number of lenders shying away from interest only as a style of mortgage repayment offering, yet more and more keep joining the band wagon! Coventry Building Society followed Nationwide last week in restricting interest only lending to 50% loan to value. This week, Skipton Building Society has […]

A lot of Mortgage activity in the run up to Christmas

There has been substantial mortgage activity happening across the country as we rolltowards the Christmas break and festivities. This is slightly unusual for this time of year, but then nothing surprises us any more in the current climate! I certainly shall not complain at being very busy! As mentioned last week, Abbey for Intermediaries (part […]

Really exciting mortgage products!

Some really exciting new mortgage products have been launched over the last week. You could even go as far to say the lenders are pretty confident that rates are not going to be fluctuating any time soon. One article I saw had a spokesperson from suggesting the likelihood of Bank Base Rate being cut […]