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Mortgage approvals down, but product choice increased

The official line from the Bank of England is that mortgage approvals declined for the sixth month in a row. A reduction of` 0.4% in October compared to September. However, despite these headlines, nearly 100,000 people were approved for a mortgage and total lending amounted to over £11bn! We still appear to be trying to […]

Are you loyal to your current Lender?

The Bank of England has released figures reporting that 49,815 loan approvals for house purchases occurred in May, slightly lower than April’s figures and below the last six month average of 51,856. May’s remortgage approvals were also lower than Aprils at 25,759, and below the six month average of 26,443. Neither report is much of […]

Mortgages with a barcode?

Homeowners rate buying a house more stressful than having a child. House buying tops the table of most ‘stressful life experiences’ with one in four (24%) homeowners finding it the most demanding and worrying thing they have done, according to research from It is still First Time Buyers who are particularly hard hit needing […]

Going up or coming down? Anyone know about House Prices?

Nationwide launched a 125% mortgage this week! Sadly, most reports failed to spot that this scheme is for existing borrowers, in negative equity, looking to move house! Positive news, but the hype will have teased first time buyers who will have to wait a while longer yet! In the middle of 2007, there were some […]