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Mortgage prisoner? There’s light at the end of the tunnel…for some.

Around 140,000 people with mortgages are currently classed as ‘mortgage prisoners’.  This means that they could be with a lender who is no longer active, or a lender who has ‘bought’ a number of clients from other lenders but who does not offer additional mortgage products once the customers current incentive rate period comes to […]

Looking at purchasing your first property?

Looking at purchasing your first property?  Then this week’s column should be of interest as there’s a number of ways to help you get on to the property ladder that may not be widely known. First Time Buyers will usually require a minimum 5% deposit, but product availability increases with a 10%+ deposit.  Some lenders […]

Income multiples and affordability calculators.

Gone are the days when a lender used to simply calculate the mortgage loan available by multiplying your income by 4 or 5 times.  Today it’s so much more intense!  For example, a lender will require to know your monthly budget spend figures, right down to every direct debit on your bank statements, including council […]

Some Lenders reduce income multiples

Quite a few rates have been increased over the last ten days and some further criteria restrictions implemented.   In quite a significant move, Nationwide has limited their overall income multiples to a max of 4.75% times income for all residential loans.  This follows recent guidelines from the Bank of England allowing only 15% of all […]

First Time Buyers will get the ball rolling again…

First time buyer confidence is increasing. We are seeing healthy enquiry levels from first timers either on their own or using a shared ownership scheme. Lenders historically agreed mortgages based on income multiples. Some would lend up to 3.75 x income, some up to 5.1. On joint applications similar style calculations applied. Most lenders now […]