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Don’t talk the market down, it’s ticking over nicely!

There have been a number of comments made in the national press recently regarding the market being in a lull and how mortgages are becoming harder to obtain.  I do think sometimes that people talk the market down, rather than reporting the actual situation. As both a specialist mortgage provider, as well as whole of […]

Stick with your current lender?

So, your mortgage product is coming to the end of it’s term.  You may have fixed for an amount of time, maybe two, three or five years.  And now your rate is due to change to the lenders variable rate, which in the main, is higher than the rate you are currently on, and your […]

Rates are low and delays are across the market…

Following the recent regulatory changes across the mortgage market, specifically in the Buy to Let sector, and with rates currently so low on the Residential side, it was inevitable that delays were going to occur.  A few days can be the norm, but the reality is that some lenders are now advising of delays in […]

Lending to those over 70yrs old is not a new thing for AToM!

Rates continue to tumble as the cost of funds remains low and lenders fight to attract your custom. During the last seven days, we have witnessed Halifax reduce some rates by up to 0.30% and Coventry Building Society reduce some of theirs by 0.20%.  Other lenders have reviewed their criteria.  For example, Kensington Mortgages will […]

Lot’s of activity in the mortgage market!

There is a lot happening in the mortgage market as we move into the last month of the year! Where have the last eleven months gone? Good news in that lenders are looking to expand their distribution offerings to a wider market as both Kensington Mortgages and Saffron Building Society launch new products into the […]

Switch and Fix on Buy to Let!

More movement in the mortgage market this week as yet more lenders have decreased rates and a pricing war seems to be unfolding in the longer term fixed rate offerings. One lender, Accord Mortgages, have reduced their 5 year fixed rate to just 3.84%, available to 75% of the property value and with a lender […]