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And 200 mortgage columns later….

Way back in November 2008 I was engaged in an interesting conversation about the parlous state of the mortgage world and enjoying a coffee with a friendly WSCT manager, when I inadvertently agreed to write a weekly column specifically geared to the mortgage market and its impact both locally and generally.  Who would have thought […]

What if ‘the computer says No’?

A flurry of activity in the mortgage market this week as a number of lenders reduce their rates.   Virgin Money, Natwest, Accord Mortgages and Platform are a few of the lenders who have cut various rates in their product offerings.  This follows decreases in both LIBOR and SWAP rates (in the main, measures against which […]

A serious lack of consumer confidence…

Where do I start this week!?  So much negative news surrounding the world of financial services.  As I write this column, the Breaking News is that Bob Diamond has resigned as Chief Executive of Barclays, following his Chairmans departure some hours earlier.   Both following Libor (London Inter Bank Offered Rate) and Euribor, the interest rates […]

Credit Rating Downgrades…

Lots of news this week surrounding banks and how some have had their credit ratings downgraded by ratings agency, Moody’s.  These moves are a consequence of the on-going Eurozone crisis and weak economic performances.  Despite low interest rates and falling LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate), the impact on the costs of borrowing funds, for the […]

Discount to leave your current lender?

The FSA (Financial Services Authority) has published its latest Mortgage Lending Data for the UK covering the second quarter of 2011. The key areas of interest are – – The proportion of lending for house purchase, which includes buy-to-lets, increased from 54% in Q1 to 59% in Q2,– Lending to first-time buyers rose from 14% […]