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Self Build, refurbishment or development? There are plenty of options..

As the local area continues to become a virtual ‘new homes exhibition’, there are a number of lenders also assisting customers with more private projects such as development, self-build, or if you just want to upgrade your existing property by way of refurbishment.  On a self-build, the customer normally buys the land and the lender […]

Stick with your current lender?

So, your mortgage product is coming to the end of it’s term.  You may have fixed for an amount of time, maybe two, three or five years.  And now your rate is due to change to the lenders variable rate, which in the main, is higher than the rate you are currently on, and your […]

Smaller lenders launching innovative products

A quick test to start this week!  Have you heard of the Dudley Building Society?  What about the Buckinghamshire, Harpenden, Marsden, NationalCounties, or Newbury BuildingSocieties?  Not necessarily household names, but not ones to be ignored either.  We are seeing these names and a lot more like them launching innovative products.  Not necessarily looking for huge volumes, but looking to […]

Helping First Time Buyers and Contract Workers

Great to see lenders are seriously looking to assist first time buyers positively.  One example is the Saffron Building Society, who have launched a five year fixed rate under 4%, with only a £495 lender arrangement fee.  Available with just a 5% deposit, this is an attractive product to those looking to get their first […]

We would be grateful for your assistance in voting AToM as a winner!

Very rarely do I promote AToM in my columns, but this week is an exception!  I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for AToM over the last few weeks in two national consumer magazines.  I’m delighted that AToM have been short listed in the top six, for ‘Mortgage Broker […]

Increased competition in the 95% LTV market for First Time Buyers

We’ve seen another week of market movement and increased competition as lenders lower rates and loosen criteria.  There is a lot more positive activity from the lenders, however we are also seeing an increase in service times and underwriting responses resulting from increased volumes.  A few are even reporting backlogs of over a week just […]

It’s all ‘go’ in the Mortgage market!

There are many changes in the mortgage market to report on this week!  I start with those who have cut rates or launched new products!  These include Halifax (some rates reduced by 0.5%), Barclays (some rates cut by 0.5% across residential and Buy to Let ranges), Aldermore Mortgages (some Buy to Let rates cut by […]

Lot’s of activity in the mortgage market!

There is a lot happening in the mortgage market as we move into the last month of the year! Where have the last eleven months gone? Good news in that lenders are looking to expand their distribution offerings to a wider market as both Kensington Mortgages and Saffron Building Society launch new products into the […]