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Self Build, refurbishment or development? There are plenty of options..

As the local area continues to become a virtual ‘new homes exhibition’, there are a number of lenders also assisting customers with more private projects such as development, self-build, or if you just want to upgrade your existing property by way of refurbishment.  On a self-build, the customer normally buys the land and the lender […]

Lot’s of building work happening!

There is a lot of building work going on locally.  In the main, it is by large property developers/builders, but we are receiving enquiries for those privately looking to build their own dream home or renovate and extend their existing properties.   This can also include knocking down the property and building a new one in the […]

Increasing number of people look at buying ‘projects’

We are seeing an increasing number of people look at buying ‘projects’.  Just because a property is run down or even classed as ‘uninhabitable’, does not mean you cannot get a mortgage on it. Nor if you are intending to purchase a property to let out, but it’s currently in an ‘un-lettable’ condition.  Lenders will cater […]

My wishes for the year ahead..

I didn’t make any New Years resolutions, purely on the basis I very rarely manage to keep them!  But if I were to make a wish list for the mortgage market, it would include Lenders becoming more lenient to the self employed, more lending for First Time Buyers and the over 65’s and that we could find more builders! The latter point […]

Active lenders are not just a household name or brand!

I might even be bold enough to start this week’s column by saying the market has turned a huge corner and is on a substantial climb out of the doldrums!  Wow, what a week it has been.  Competition is rife amongst all lenders, from well known high street names; right through to lenders you’ve never […]

Build your ‘Dream Home’!

We’re in the midst of a rate price war between lenders vying for new customers.  This is obviously great news for the end consumer, but it can’t be profitably sustainable for these lenders, so make hay whilst the sun shines, as they say!   Just be wary that lenders are ‘cherry picking’.  You may be drawn […]