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Another budget over and some good news for First Time Buyers!

Well that was not the most of exciting of Budgets, although it could have been a lot worse.  It does seem like the spending taps have been turned slightly on, rather than off! On the up side, Stamp Duty Relief has been extended to first time buyers purchasing shared ownership homes valued up to £500k.  […]

Lenders are targeting the Self Employed..

Mortgages for the Self Employed have been sparse over the last few years.  Despite providing a huge part of the economy, lenders have been reluctant to lend to this area.  However,  lenders have now recognised this and are looking more positively to assist the 4.5m self employed (figures as at end of 2014).  A few lenders will now […]

Payday Loans and Mortgages = Limited options

We get many enquiries where the customer has had historic financial issues, missed a payment or two or occasionally, not made a payment at all.  Even so, in the current climates, some specialist lenders will still look to assist, albeit at a premium cost. However, more recently you can’t pick up a newspaper, or put […]