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Another budget over and some good news for First Time Buyers!

Well that was not the most of exciting of Budgets, although it could have been a lot worse.  It does seem like the spending taps have been turned slightly on, rather than off! On the up side, Stamp Duty Relief has been extended to first time buyers purchasing shared ownership homes valued up to £500k.  […]

That’s it for 2016 – Have a great festive break!

Amazingly, this is my last column of the year.  I cannot believe where 2016 has gone.  So much has happened and I’ve enjoyed writing about it, especially with regards to the mortgage world’s good and bad! 2016 has been a funny old year.  Not only have we had the impact of new mortgage rules from […]

The mortgage market has not closed! Phew!

The good news is that, despite the launch of a huge number of new regulations (Mortgage Credit Directive, MCD), in an already heavily policed mortgage market, we are still trading and lenders are still offering mortgages!  Phew!  Two to three years of preparation has paid off.  I am surprised such a huge change in our […]

We would be grateful for your assistance in voting AToM as a winner!

Very rarely do I promote AToM in my columns, but this week is an exception!  I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for AToM over the last few weeks in two national consumer magazines.  I’m delighted that AToM have been short listed in the top six, for ‘Mortgage Broker […]

Buy to Let loans can depend on the valuers rental estimation.

With the new stamp duty changes only just around the corner, I though it prudent to look at some of the areas that are currently affecting the Buy to Let sector. In the main, and with First Time Buyers struggling to get on to the property ladder, a Buy to Let or investment property is […]

Big month for Divorces and many rates have dropped..

Happy New Year!  I hope it is a successful and enjoyable one for you all. Over the Christmas period, we have seen a number of rates drop as lenders seek to attract new business. One example is from the nice people at Virgin Money who have reduced rates on their first time buyer products to […]

Increased Stamp Duty for Second Properties and Buy to Lets.

So, quite an easy start to this weeks column as the Chancellors ‘Autumn Statement’ has written most of my column for me!  If you haven’t seen the news, for Second Properties, or Buy to Let purchases, stamp duty rates will be 3% higher.  This means that we have the following: • Value of property £40,000 […]

Stamp Duty changes are a good thing.

There’s really only one place to start this weeks column and that’s with the superb news released by the Chancellor in regard to changes to Stamp Duty. With effect from Thursday 4th December, stamp duty will be applied as a progressive tax.  Buyers will pay no tax up to the first £125,000, they will be […]

Credit Rating Downgrades…

Lots of news this week surrounding banks and how some have had their credit ratings downgraded by ratings agency, Moody’s.  These moves are a consequence of the on-going Eurozone crisis and weak economic performances.  Despite low interest rates and falling LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate), the impact on the costs of borrowing funds, for the […]

Mortgage ‘prisoners’ need protection

I’m really trying to move on from the number of lenders shying away from interest only as a style of mortgage repayment offering, yet more and more keep joining the band wagon! Coventry Building Society followed Nationwide last week in restricting interest only lending to 50% loan to value. This week, Skipton Building Society has […]