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HMO Licences taking up to 9 months…

If you have a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), you should now be aware of the rules that came in to effect on 1st October.   You also be aware that some councils are behind already on the licence applications with one rumoured to be nine months behind! To recap – any property with five or […]

A survey is for the lender, not you!

Some weeks there is just too much news to take in and it can be difficult to assimilate and decide which to report on.  Then there are quiet weeks where nothing much seems to happen.  This week has been the latter and the mortgage market has been quieter than normal.  So, what to discuss?  Surveys! […]

The Mortgage Process…

The mortgage process when purchasing a property, first time buyer or home mover, will be roughly the same. The selling agent will seek to agree a number of deadlines including the arrangement of mortgage finance. At this point you should speak to an independent mortgage brokerage who will assess your overall financial position and mortgage […]