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Buying a Buy to Let in a Limited Company Name

It has been an interesting week in the mortgage market with many rate changes and new product launches. Some of the more noticeable include the launch of products, from our friends at Precise Mortgages, designed to assist those looking to purchase investment properties (Buy to Lets) in a Limited Company name. With the forthcoming removal […]

Buy to Let loans can depend on the valuers rental estimation.

With the new stamp duty changes only just around the corner, I though it prudent to look at some of the areas that are currently affecting the Buy to Let sector. In the main, and with First Time Buyers struggling to get on to the property ladder, a Buy to Let or investment property is […]

No maximum age on some mortgages..

Halifaxhave recently carried out a survey and found that many customers are now choosing a longer term in which to repay their mortgage.  Some lenders now offer up to a 40 year term.  Of the First Time Buyers that were surveyed by the lender, 26% took a 35 year term.  Taking a longer term allows […]

Big month for Divorces and many rates have dropped..

Happy New Year!  I hope it is a successful and enjoyable one for you all. Over the Christmas period, we have seen a number of rates drop as lenders seek to attract new business. One example is from the nice people at Virgin Money who have reduced rates on their first time buyer products to […]

That’s it for 2015! Roll on 2016. Thanks for reading…..!

Amazingly, this is my last column of the year!  I enjoy writing each week and updating you on the mortgage world’s good and bad, but I am looking forward to a couple of weeks without tight production deadlines to meet! The door may be nearly shut on 2015 and, in many ways, I’m ready to […]

Increased Stamp Duty for Second Properties and Buy to Lets.

So, quite an easy start to this weeks column as the Chancellors ‘Autumn Statement’ has written most of my column for me!  If you haven’t seen the news, for Second Properties, or Buy to Let purchases, stamp duty rates will be 3% higher.  This means that we have the following: • Value of property £40,000 […]

Two million sitting on a Lenders Standard Variable Rate!

New lenders will be a key part of the mortgage market in 2016.  A number of lenders have applied for authorisation from the regulator and a number of others have contacted AToM with regards to re-launching in to the market place.  It’s a buoyant market and lenders can see growth in 2016, especially whilst rates […]

Don’t miss Horsham’s Landlord show on 28th November

If you are currently in the process of changing your mortgage, has your current provider, adviser, arranger advised you of the regulatory changes that are due to be implemented shortly?  This is especially important if you are looking at buying a new build property that may not be completed until after March 2016.   One of […]

They say no base rate move in 2016. Now, use a broker!

As mentioned in one of my earlier columns, I could not envisage a rate rise for some time and, at the earliest the end of 2016, start of 2017.  This has now also been stated by the Bank of England who suggest that there will be no movement in base rate for the whole of 2016.  […]

Buy to Let now with free valuation and free legals (including purchases*)

With the year end closing in fast, and new regulations only just around the corner, we are starting to see some lenders advising their plans for next year.  Many lenders have increased targets and AToM has been in contact with a number who are looking to launch or re-launch (having been dormant) during the coming months.  The majority of industry pundits, including […]