Month: March 2018

Lenders will look at your bank statements.

When applying for a mortgage, there’s no shying away from the fact that lenders look at bank statements!  Whether it be paper based or via the new ‘open banking’ technology, your private transactions will come under scrutiny. I’ve mentioned it many times over the years in my columns and highlighted that whatever is in your […]

Self Build, refurbishment or development? There are plenty of options..

As the local area continues to become a virtual ‘new homes exhibition’, there are a number of lenders also assisting customers with more private projects such as development, self-build, or if you just want to upgrade your existing property by way of refurbishment.  On a self-build, the customer normally buys the land and the lender […]

Have you been offered a ‘Product Transfer’?

I am looking at two main categories for this week’s column.  First off, it’s product transfers.  These are the options the lender will give you to stay with them.  So, you’ve been with your current lender through the term of your deal – normally a two year tracker ends after twenty four months, or your […]

Can you pay today and also over the next five years?

In our heavily regulated mortgage marketplace, the lenders main area in deciding whether to lend, or not, is on your ability to pay the mortgage both today and also in the future.  It’s difficult to detail when I have a limited word count, but in the main, lenders will stress test all mortgages against a possible […]