A computer can’t listen to your mortgage needs and requirements!

A computer can’t listen to your mortgage needs and requirements!

With technology taking over the world, and so many transactions taking place over the internet, it might be easy to be attracted to products online. There is so much information readily available and over 11,000* mortgage products to choose from, but these types of things can get lost in translation. Therefore, seek advice! Yes, it may cost you a small fee to have someone research the market on your behalf and make recommendations, having first assessed your short to long term needs and requirements. More importantly, it could save you thousands in the long run, versus choosing the wrong products yourself. In addition, any professional will probably seek to build a long-term relationship with you and contact you at the time your current rate is coming up for renewal to ensure you have the best rates available.

coupleIt doesn’t matter whether you are experienced, or if this is your first time. Property ownership can be complicated, so explore all the options and do your homework. There are a huge number of lenders available to you and all have competitive edges and variety of criteria options for the right customer. Make sure you understand everything at the outset so that you don’t regret it later!

A good independent mortgage adviser will be able to review the whole market for you and can identify the best lending options and then deal directly with the lenders central processing units, speeding up the process from application to offer.

An experienced adviser will listen to your specific needs and timescales and ensure that they line you up with a lender who will match both. So, if speed is crucial, then you may need to consider working with a lender where the rate may not be the keenest on the market, but they will get the deal to completion within your target timescales to ensure you get the property of your dreams. Remember, make sure you adviser looks at the whole market, and not just a limited panel of lenders ensuring that you get the widest choice of lenders and products (including exclusive deals) available to you.

* as of July 2019, source: Trigold Prospector