Try to not give lenders any excuses to decline your application

Try to not give lenders any excuses to decline your application

Getting a mortgage application through a lender in the current climate can be challenging.  One day it appears relatively easy, yet the next, it’s a nightmare!  So whatever you do, try to not give lenders any excuses to decline your application or refuse to lend to you.  Try to pay bills on time, don’t miss payments of any type and especially not mortgage payments!  Any missed (or sometimes late) payments will be registered on your credit file and this is normally used as the basis of a decision to lend to you.  Remember that many Insurance companies and mobile phone providers carry out credit searches on people before issuing their products.  Try not to incur too many searches in a short space of time as this can also be detrimental to your credit score.

 I haven’t reported on figures for a while, so I’ve highlighted a few stark reminders of the current state of the financials, estimated by creditaction, for November:

          299 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt every day. This is equivalent to one person every 4 minutes 49 seconds.

          93 properties are repossessed every day

          1,432 people a day reported they had become redundant between June and August 2012.

          1,170 Consumer County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) are issued every day (based on Q2 2012 trends). The average value of a Consumer CCJ in Q2 2012 was £3,217.

          Citizens Advice Bureaux in England and Wales dealt with 8,465 new debt problems every working day during the year ending June 2012.

           Average household debt in the UK (including mortgages) was £53,785 in September.

These are eye openers, but there are some that are really amazing:

           the UK’s total interest repayments on personal debt over a 12 month period would have been £60.3 billion.  This is equivalent to £165 million per day!  Just interest payments!

          UK Banks and Building Societies wrote-off £5.3 billion of loans to individuals over the 4 quarters to Q2 2012.  In Q2 2012 itself they wrote-off £1.15 billion (of which £567 million was credit card debt) amounting to a daily write-off of £12.52m.

I know these are a grim read, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder of what’s what.  It also might help those who were looking to load up their credit cards on Christmas spending, and worry about it later, remember that these need to be repaid!!  Don’t become a statistic..