Competition for those with low deposits

Competition for those with low deposits

Lenders are at last starting to recognise the importance of high loan to value loans for both first time and subsequent mortgage applicants. One such lender has chosen a limited panel of broker companies to distribute their new 95% loan to value product to home movers, first time buyers and those seeking to re-mortgage. We are delighted that AToM has been chosen for this purpose. This product is not restricted to new build properties, like most other 5% deposit products recently launched by some lenders, and it is not subject to credit scoring or early redemption penalties. The only stipulation is that those moving or remortgaging have had a mortgage for at least twelve months and any first time buyers must have been renting for the last twelve months. If this product is of interest, be quick as I suspect the demand will be huge for this products and funds will utilised quickly.


The Second Charge Secured Loan market has seen huge growth recently. March saw a 17% increase on February, breaking the £35m barrier for the first time in nearly four years, according to the Secured Loan Index. Many who require a loan to carry out home improvements or for other luxury items, but are currently sitting on very low lenders variable rates are opting to add on a second charge to their current property (sits behind the first charge mortgage). Right for certain people but rates start from around 5.5%, so will need to ensure it’s beneficial in the short to medium term compared with a complete remortgage to another lender/rate.

Finally, recent figures from creditaction show that the actual state of the financial economy is still extremely fragile:

– The average amount owed per UK adult (including mortgages) was £28,981 in February. This was around 118% of average earnings.

– The estimated average outstanding mortgage for the 11.3m households that carry mortgage debt stood at £112,153 in February.

– 277 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt every day (based on Q4 2012 trends). This is equivalent to one person every 5 minutes 12 seconds.

– 84 properties are repossessed every day (Every 17 mins)

– 1,454 people a day reported they had become redundant between November 2012 and January 2013.

– Citizens Advice Bureau in England and Wales dealt with 8,192 debt problems every working day during the year ending December 2012.

Stark figures, but we all need reminding occasionally and always worth reviewing your own finances to ensure you’re paying the best rates and where possible, have plans in place to account for all eventualities.