Moving forward to the challenges ahead… and Happy Christmas!

Moving forward to the challenges ahead… and Happy Christmas!

This time last year, I was predicting that we’d have got over the shenanigans of Brexit and be moving forward in to the unknown, yet positive, challenges that lie ahead.

How we can be no further forward still is beyond me. But at the same time, I can’t believe the year has gone and I’m writing my last column for 2019!

The mortgage world has been pretty flat with figures estimated to be only a slight increase on 2018. On the upside, choice of mortgage product is at it’s all time high and rates are incredibly low. Great for the end consumer!

Christmas 2019The festive period can be a time for reflection. It can also be a time when many people start looking at new properties to move to. Or they may already be committed and are packing ready for the removal lorry, or they take time to review what mortgage they have and question if there is anything better out there. That is of course, if they are not simply taking a holiday, and why not?

Whatever your plans, it makes sense to review your current mortgage deal and see if there is a better option and perhaps look to secure a competitive rate for a few years. Whilst I always err on the optimistic side of a rates argument, we are entering a truly unknown era as we plan for Brexit (again) and there is no history to prompt what the immediate and longer-term implications will be.

Technology was due to take over the mortgage market in 2019 and despite millions being spent, this has only had a small impact. Circa 72% of all mortgages generated are still via brokers/intermediaries. You are entering into the biggest debt of your life and questions need answering. You just can’t beat the human touch…. for now. Many lenders have yet to evolve with the digital era and those who will win will be the ones offering quality technology, but also the human impact for those who prefer or need it.

Finally, I really appreciate you reading my column! I’ve tried to provide an unbiased insight to what happens in the mortgage world, with a little bit of humour along the way!

A huge thank you to everyone who has instructed impact sf to source and arrange their mortgage during the past twelve months. It has been a fantastic year, including a brand name change and a new additional office in Barttelot Road! We have a fantastic team and they are a truly hardworking and knowledgeable group of people. Best in the business!

On behalf of all the staff and directors at impact specialist finance, we wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a Relaxing and Prosperous New Year! Bring on 2020!