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11 Aug

The benefits of overpaying on your mortgage

If you are considering overpaying on your mortgage, you will be looking to reduce how much interest you pay and bring forward the day you are mortgage-free. But before going ahead with this apparent no-brainer, it’s important to be sure that it’s the best use of the funds available for you. You will also want […]

04 May

Moving into buy-to-let: How do I become a landlord?

Taking your first step on the buy-to-let mortgage ladder is as exciting as it is daunting. Paul Brett, MD of Landbay for Intermediaries has the answers to the top questions on every would-be landlord’s lips. Buying property to rent out can be a lucrative business if you own lots of properties or it could be […]

14 Feb

Previous credit problems and trying to get a mortgage? Don’t despair, we may be able to help

For many people, job losses, salary cuts, multiple income streams, payment arrears and the escalating cost of living such as rising energy costs and soaring consumer price inflation has started to impact on household finances. Some people have run up debt and defaulted on payments because of the economic challenges brought about by the pandemic, […]

The issues facing first time buyers, homeowners and potential movers!

To say that the government is currently under a substantial amount of pressure is something of any understatement. Keeping political points of view or persuasion on the sidelines, the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit remain huge issues which are dominating time, resources and attention. I fully appreciate the importance of tackling these concerns […]

Lenders attitudes to risk and operational capacity affect higher LTVs

Loan-to-value (LTV) has always played a huge role in the mortgage market, although borrowers can often be unaware of the activity swings going on behind the lending scenes and the reasons for these. Getting back to basics for a moment, LTV is essentially the size of mortgage that a lender is prepared to offer borrowers […]

Even on Furlough, lenders may consider you for a mortgage

Just because you’re on the Furlough Scheme (or have been on it), does not necessarily mean you cannot get a mortgage. Several lenders have issued guidelines to accommodate those on Furlough and will offer mortgage products to them. Especially clients looking to stay with the same lender and do what is called a ‘product transfer’. […]

Physical valuations are back, but with conditions

‘Back in Business’, ‘Business as Usual’, ‘When we come out of this’ – all terms I’m sure you’ve heard a lot recently. I think it is now very clear to say that any form of ‘normality’ will be a different experience from what we have been used to. Every day includes new learnings and new […]