Tested in a way we’ve never been tested before”……and Bank Base cut by 0.5%

Tested in a way we’ve never been tested before”……and Bank Base cut by 0.5%

We’re being tested in a way that our generation has never been tested before. These are uncertain times and no one can predict what the future days, weeks, months will bring. The Bank of England has cut interest rates by a significant 0.5% to just 0.25% and at the time of writing, this is predicted to be cut even further. Especially seeing that the Federal Reserve (FED) in America have just cut their rates by a full 1%. All countries are trying to prevent a global recession, avoiding 2007/8 all over again.

helpAll I can say at this time is keep safe and look after number one. Get your house in order quickly. Impact will inevitably be shutting both of our offices in Horsham to protect our staff and families, but we will continue to work from home and be available on phones, online and by webinar facilities (Microsoft Teams, etc). Not everyone will get this horrible virus and lenders still want to lend.

Yes, it might take a little bit longer to arrange things, as home working takes effect and some, especially the banks and building society security systems and such, will experience new challenges with all of their staff working from home. But lending will go on and right now is an ideal time to take advantage of the amazing rates and deals on offer.

Remortgaging should be a very simple process and we can guide you through the requirements and deals on offer.

Even staying with your current lender once your current fixed rate has expired and transferring to a new rate is pretty straight forward. We can assist with all of these, remotely and quickly.

Finally, I’ll say it again, look after number one. You will probably have some time on your hands, you have the paperwork at home and you have the superb team at Impact online and available to help you throughout the whole process. Or just even to give you some free advice. No one knows how long this unprecedented experience will last, so just make sure you’re in a good position to see it through. Stay safe.