Did the High Street Bank say no? We may be able to say yes!

16 Jun

Did the High Street Bank say no? We may be able to say yes!

People often struggle to access affordable mortgages because they don’t meet the vanilla criteria of high-street lenders, but this doesn’t need to be the case for you. Our lender partners make decisions based on your individual circumstances so if you’ve failed a credit score or don’t fit within the traditional high street lenders profile, we may be able to help. 

Here’s how we helped Leah secure a mortgage despite having three credit cards with missed payments. 

Leah had been a student at university, resided in student halls and most definitely “lived her best life”. Once the bank of mum and dad had dried up and the government instructed all universities to close down due to Covid, Leah came home in search of a job whilst the uncertainty of her studies became more clear. 

During the homestay, enduring the (it’s time you start paying your way) chat with Mum and Dad, Leah landed a role as a Marketing Assistant in London and decided to buy a house after receiving an inheritance from her grandmother. 

Six months had passed when she applied for a mortgage with a high-street lender, but unfortunately, she was left disappointed after being rejected due to the recent missed payments. Previously, Leah’s direct debit’s bounced on all 3 of the Visa cards meaning she had a status 1 on 3 cards registered in the last two months. 

When Leah came in to see us, we were happy to help as we have lenders that allow up to 2 missed payments per credit commitment in the last 6 months and we could see that she was now in a stable financial position and fully recovered.