Year: 2019

A computer can’t listen to your mortgage needs and requirements!

With technology taking over the world, and so many transactions taking place over the internet, it might be easy to be attracted to products online. There is so much information readily available and over 11,000 mortgage products to choose from, but these types of things can get lost in translation. Therefore, seek advice! Yes, it […]

Why use Short Term Finance / Bridging Loans?

Short term finance (Bridging) was initially used as a way to mend a broken link in a housing chain and typically used to ‘bridge’ the gap between a house sale and completion. However, bridging is often also used for people buying at auction, to meet strict deadlines – usually of 28 days – for people […]

Specialist lenders also offer Help to Buy

In the eyes of many industry commentators and members of the opposition, the Help to Buy scheme sits somewhere between being the Governments greatest achievement within the housing market, and a potential reason why many house builders and the new build sector could crumble like a house of cards in the future. I’m focusing on the […]

Be aware of the technology around your mortgage application

There’s been a lot of talk recently about new technology, especially regarding the new ‘open banking’ opportunities and how your private transactions will come under scrutiny by lenders decision making computers, after you’ve given permission of course! The idea is that the lender can review your incomes, outgoings and all other financial items just from delving […]

Tesco Bank and Which? Mortgage Advisers gone. Yet others launch new products.

Market conditions continue to cause huge uncertainty and as such, we’ve seen some lenders pull out of the market until more stable conditions return and others completely stop lending.  The most recent being Tesco Bank.  They announced that hey have ceased all new mortgage lending and are actively looking to sell their existing mortgage portfolio, to concentrate […]

Buy, Sell, Renovate, Rent? So many opportunities.

There have been a number of remortgage applications recently for those looking to raise funds to purchase other properties or to make improvements to their current homes.  Just around the local area, I have seen an amazing amount of building work and renovations / extensions being carried out.  Many home owners appear to be improving […]

Cryptocurrency still not widely accepted in the mortgage world.

There’s been a lot of hype around the rise of ‘Cryptocurrency’.  Specifically, relating to Bitcoin and other similar electronic currencies.  Currently they are not regulated and their price can fluctuate immensely day by day.  However, there have been a number of success stories and thus providing funds which could possibly be used as a deposit […]