Mortgage borrower demands are shifting!

Mortgage borrower demands are shifting!

In recent months there has been some much-needed attention drawn to customers who have experienced some type of adverse credit. Many specialist lenders and building societies are leading the way both in terms of the education process and through some innovative and highly competitive product ranges.

cash machine paymentThere is no hiding from the fact, or should there be, that borrowing demands are shifting and many high-street lenders are struggling (or unwilling in some cases) to adapt to them. The fact is that growing levels of credit related issues are emerging. In the vast majority of cases these remain minor, but this doesn’t stop concerns being raised over credit histories and consumers future ability to secure a mortgage.

Recent research from specialist lender Pepper Money suggested that the majority of people who have experienced credit problems in the last three years are worried about being declined a mortgage. Its survey found that 69% of those who are seeking a mortgage or remortgage in the next 12 months are concerned about having their application declined due to their credit history.

We have spoken to many clients who, due to their credit history, felt that they couldn’t get a mortgage or remortgage from their current lender. On the back of this, we are forming even stronger alliances with a variety of lenders to help get this message across and ensure that our staff have the knowledge and access to the types of deals which can help such borrowers to achieve their homeownership aspirations. It’s these types of fresh approaches which will enable us to assist more people with the appropriate solutions and help clients put their past credit issues behind them.

Whether it’s a CCJ, Default, IVA, payday loan, missed payments, bankruptcy or even a previous property Repossession, lenders are looking to assist clients who have had these issues. Yes, depending on the level of adverse credit, the rate maybe slightly higher than a standard high street mortgage, but we use specialist lenders as stepping stones on the road to credit repair (obviously, all subject to terms and conditions), with the ultimate target of returning to the high street lender option as quickly as possible.

Let’s hope that 2020 is the year that this sector of the mortgage market starts to generate headlines for the right reasons.